Objective of the invention

  • An aspect of the present invention is to provide a guided transport system.

  • Another aspect of the present invention to utilise electric power source along with a propulsion mechanism to propel a vehicle.

  • Yet another object of the present invention is to provide the guided transport system that is not affected by weather conditions or terrain.

Benefits of the invention

The invention aims to provide a guided transport system which facilitates transportation of people. The present invention offers a number of advantages. Firstly, the present invention provides a cost-effective and easy to implement solution to the problems of prior art. The guided transport system does not require any complex equipment and has a simple construction. The present invention is applicable on different kind of terrains such as plains, hilly areas, slopes etc. It may easily be implemented for short distance and long-distance travels. Moreover, it does not occupy much space on the road as it only needs a single divider section to facilitate two-way travel. Another major advantage of the present invention, over other guided systems is that each of the one or more vehicles move independent of the others of one or more vehicles travelling in the toothed rack at the same time.