About Us

Boudhik Ventures® (BV) came into existence to develop an ecosystem facilitating ideas sailing through industry for public benefits. We team up with innovators, entrepreneurs & organizations to assist them by developing strategies revolving around business growth, in domestic as well as global market, on the basis of innovative concepts.

We are the team of Entrepreneurs with more than a decade of experience in Strategizing, Executing & Monetizing innovations. We believe in growing together with the concept and thereby emphasises on strategic partnerships with innovators & entrepreneurs to achieve the desired goal.


BV not just talk about protecting intellectual property rather we will develop a strategic roadmap from initiation of the idea until it is launched in the market.

BV is exclusive innovative technology protecting and promoting services company.

BV selectively join professional experts in the team who can bring new innovative strategies to client satisfaction and aim to get recognized as the company with which businesses desire to work with because of reliability and quality assistance.

Success mantra of BV is to provide quality professional services in a timely manner and at a justifiable cost through the use of experience, knowledge, and skills with ongoing education and training of the patent agents, engineers, and professional staff.