Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting is a process and art of crafting the concept/idea in which detailed description of the invention is to be explained. The patent drafting/writing specification contains the aspects of the invention such as field of invention, background, summary, detailed description, concept drawings, abstract and patent claims for which protection is sought.

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Provisional Patent specification

The provisional patent specification is a basic draft which is file to secure a priority date for invention/Idea. Provisional Specification is filed when an inventor is in the process of finalizing his invention. Provisional Specification is not a full and final description of the invention. It contains a general description of the invention, its field of application and anticipated result. It should not contain the claims.

What’s the importance of Provisional filing

In today’s scenario and development in the field of innovations, the inventors/universities/companies file a good number of provisional application just to get priority date and a competitive edge over other innovators. A provisional application will be crafted in a short span of time which will give a user an advantage of ‘First-to-file’ which means that the inventor who first files provisional specification secures his invention against a similar concept for a patent being applied later by another inventor. Also, an advantage of filing provisional application is that inventor will get some time to arrange funds and test the concept feasibility in the market.

Complete Specification

As per Section 10(4) of the Indian Patents Act, 1970
“Every complete specification shall- fully and particularly describe the invention and its operation or use and the method in which it is to be performed; disclose the best method of performing the invention which is known to the applicant and for which he is entitled to claim protection”. The complete patent specification is a draft in which all details of an invention in a clear and complete manner. The complete patent specification is different from that of the provisional patent specification because it should be written with a claim or a set of claims. As a basic step of specification drafting, a drafter should understand that each claim in the complete specification defines an invention. We serve you with the best intellectual property rights and IP services in India

Elements of Complete Specification:

As per Section 10 of the Patents Act, 1970, clearly defines the various elements of the specification:

  • Title of the patent invention

  • Background of the invention

  • Summary of the invention/ Object of the invention

  • Explanation if any of the patent drawings

  • Description of the invention

  • Patent Claims

  • Patent Abstract of the disclosure

  • Sequence listing, if any