Patent Searches

Patent database is a gold mine which can be used to determine patentability of a concept, figure out latest trend in a particular technology, understand competitive technologies, mitigate infringement risk while launching a new product, to find out unexplored area of research to develop a new technology.

Our Team of experts handling the projects in various domains like:
  • Automobile Engineering

  • Electrical/ Mechanical/Manufacturing

  • Information Technology/Software

  • Electronics/Telecommunications

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Biotechnology

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Business Methods

  • Medical Devices

  • Blockchain

  • Cryptocurrency

Preliminary Search/ Sanity Search/Quick search and knock-out Search

Our team can do a cursory search through the patent databases and non-patent literature to provide a quick overview on patentability of your concept or idea within a short span of time. The report comprises of relevant results along with a brief discussion with our experts. We guide you with the best patent registration process in India and abroad. If you require a more in-depth search, we can perform a comprehensive worldwide prior art search including our opinion and recommendation.

Prior Art Search

The prime objective of a prior art search is to ascertain published patents/ patent applications and non-patent literature such as research papers, articles, conference presentations which implicitly or explicitly disclose the invention under study. It is always advisable to conduct prior art search/es before commencing drafting and/or filing of an application for a patent. This will lower the risk of encountering relevant prior art(s) at the time of examination of the patent application and also provides an opportunity to the inventor to improve upon relevant prior art(s) at the initial stage.
Our team brings technical expertise and knowledge together, to perform worldwide comprehensive prior art search as per the client requirements. We are well equipped with the various trusted databases which help us to conduct quality searches in most optimized time. If you are looking for the best patent agent in India then you have landed on the right place.

Technology /Patent Landscape Search

The purpose of conducting Patent Landscape is to find out the latest research in a particular technology area, grey space or white space, top innovators, top patent filers etc. The outcome of Patent Landscape may be used to analyze patent portfolio of competitors in a particular technology, develop one’s own patent portfolio by referring to the latest innovations in the area of interest, shortlisting pertinent patents for licensing purpose etc.
Our experts adept at providing detailed technology insights along with specific business centric recommendations which assists organizations to take the best possible approach to achieve their business goals.

Freedom To Operate (FTO)

Companies/Business entities often conduct an Freedom to operate (FTO) search before introducing their products or process in a particular jurisdiction. The final outcome of the FTO provides threshold of possible risk of infringement of inter alia existing IP rights in the particular jurisdiction. E.g. the main objective of a patent FTO is to figure out any active patent/s (in the particular jurisdiction) which claim/s similar features as that of the proposed product or process and may face an action for infringement if the product/process is launched.
FTO search enable organizations to take an informed decision before launching a new product and mitigate risk to a substantial extent by showcasing opportunities to acquire patents, cross-license, work around and invalidate patents. Our seasoned professionals enable you to take informed decision which will be beneficial for you business in long term. Our strategies are always futuristic and do not provide short term solutions.

Whitespace Analysis

Whitespace analysis provides a good insight of what has not be explored till date in respect of a particular technology. This analysis provides the charts showing the technology growth and areas where further R&D can be done to gain a competitive edge and to carry out incremental innovation for new product development.
Our thorough analysis & white-space report of technology enable our clients to identify the future potential research areas. Our team of experts consists of experienced Post-graduates, Engineers, Techno Legal in many disciplines who prepare the report with intensive research and analytics.