Meet Our Team


Vivek is an Engineer, patent agent, advocate and strategist. Over 12 years of experience in Intellectual Property domain and has prosecuted over 1000 patent applications, Vivek assist innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, institutions and incubation centres in devising their strategies revolving around innovations, executing these strategies and monetizing in accordance with focused marketing plans. The business centric solutions provided by him enable stakeholders to maximize their return on investments.

Vivek has been working closely with aggregators and accelerators in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and UK and helping his Indian clients in providing access to global market as well as investors.


Saurabh is a seasoned trademark attorney and strategist. More than 9 years with his business acumen and strategic business development techniques he had assisted business owners in devising marketing strategies, preparing marketing campaign, market research, project financial modelling & analysis.

Besides above, he is assisting universities, entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators to establish wealthy business based on their technologies/concepts in India as well as in other countries.

We are young entrepreneurs having business oriented thought process and believe in striking the node at correct time. Our leadership team brings more than a decade of experience in consulting businesses in respect of innovations, market strategies, competitor intelligence and have assisted them to achieved desired goals.

Boudhik Ventures® Pvt. Ltd. strives to attract professionals with the highest techno-legal skills and qualifications. Our professionals have distinguished academic credentials together with a broad spectrum of practical experience, enabling the organization to efficient and expert solutions to clients. Whatever the area of technology, our clients can be assured that we will provide them with reliable and accurate guidance and services in a clear and comprehensive manner that they can understand.

Every Team member in team is selected by a series of screening process and manager’s pick etc. Our team members who further groomed by the specialized training & orientation Programme, before actually putting them on their desired domains for which they are hired for. We also concurrently workout in training & update programme round the month, to which every team member has to attend at least once in a month. Further our team is guided by our Founders Mr. Saurabh Trivedi and Mr. Vivek Dahiya, who are essentially a code of the Organisation. All the disciplinary & other violations are dealt by the written procedures.