Trademark Examination

Trademark Examination

Responding to Examination Report

  • A suitable reply to objections raised by the Registrar in the Examination Report (ER) issued by the Indian Trademark Registry must be filed within 1 month from the date of issuance of ER. Further, it is possible to request extension to file the response to ER.
  • It is important to reply to each and every objection raise by the Registrar.
  • Reply to objections must be precise and well-crafted to convince the Registrar in order to increase the chances of allowance of the trademark.

Attending Official Hearing

  • In most of the matter the Registrar appoint official hearing in order to provide an opportunity to applicant and/or agent of the applicant to put forward their arguments in respect of objections raised by the Registrar.
  • Usually, advance notice is given to applicant and/or agent of the applicant with the list of objections still pending.
  • Official hearings are conducted in-person or via video conferencing. In case of hearing appointed via video conferencing a web link is provided by the concerned Registrar. 
  • After attending the hearing, it is important to submit written submissions elaborating arguments made during hearing and supportive submissions.
  • Written Submission must be submitted within 15 days from the date of hearing.
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