• First step should be conducting a worldwide comprehensive prior art search in order ascertain patentability of the concept under study. Though prior art search is synonymously used for novelty search and/or patentability however there are some difference in all these three types of searches.
• Second step is to draft provisional/complete specification which to be filed at the Indian Patent Office.
• Third step is to file patent application at the Indian Patent Office. The Applicant can also file a request for early publication.
• Fourth step is to submit request for examination/expedite examination at the Indian Patent Office.
• Fifth step is to reply/file response to the First Examination (FER) at the Indian Patent Office at the earliest.
• Sixth step would be issuance of decision by the Indian Patent Office on the application after considering response to the FER filed by the applicant.
• Seventh step is payment of annuity/renewal fees at the Indian Patent Office.


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